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How Do I install Star Future Printer?


Before Connecting te Printer, be sure to install and load the drivers.


      1.  Insert the CD and wait for the installation screen to show.

Click "Install Now"

Click "Accept"

Click the windows version for your computer,

Follow instructions on screen.


      2. When finished attach the printer and turn it "on". Windows will show, "found new hardware". Install printer by doing the folllowing:


Go to the Start (Icon) and click on the "Programs"

Click "StarMicronics"

Click on "Star TSP100"

Click, "Configuration Utility"

Select "ESC/POS Mode" and click OK. After awhile, another window will show.

On the left side of the window, click "Print Job Routing" and check the box, enable "Enable ESC/POS Routing".

Click "Apply Changes" and then click "Close".


     3.  Start the Comca Systems Cleaners POS and go to "Setup". Under Printers, click the "Invoice and Fast" button. Click the button Click "Change" and select the Star TSP143 Cutter..., then ESC/POS. Check the "No Bar Check". Click the Fast ticket Tab, and update the same items.


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